Do Russian Women Like to Be Dominated

Russian Women & Domination in 2020

Russian women like to be dominated by men. Is that true or not? Basing on the stereotypes is not the best strategy. Nevertheless, we do have a chance to look at the events of the past that happened in Russia and significantly affected society.

It’s a Matter of Character

Character and the impact of society, forming the background and mentality, profoundly affect the women’s attitude to the domination in the family and a relationship. Of course, patriarchy in modern Russia is going out of fashion. Russian women are looking for mutual respect, sincere protection, and support in kids’ upbringing.

Compared to the number of the developing Asian countries, Russian women don’t link male domination with aggression. It’s a particular sort of power that has nothing to do with the “bad boy” behavior. A strong and dominant man in the eyes of a Russian woman knows how to face challenging situations in a relationship and within the household. He knows how to be decisive and practical when it’s about the money matters.

Russian brides don’t want to be a part of a traditional patriarchic family. They want to entrust the financial and organizational responsibilities to their men. At the same time, the women deal with the household duties, kids’ upbringing, and help for the elderly parents and partially disabled relatives. Women like these are ready to be humble and well-behaving if you don’t insult them and demonstrate your strong will and intellectuality.

Russian Women 2020: Genetic Predisposition & Background

Domination is a typical trait for a male in nature. It’s been habitual for hundreds of years of social development. However, the times are changing with the standards since the women approached proper education and started working as much as men do. Domination is still present in a relationship: in a conversation, on a date, in the bedroom, and anywhere else. Men were created initially physically stronger than women. However, nowadays, things are changing thanks to sports centers and functional medicine.

Nevertheless, Russian women still consider females the mothers of the household regardless of their physical strength. Women can withstand hard pains, and they live longer than men, irrespective of the lack of physical power. They are destined to give birth to healthy children and help them enter the world, while the man has to earn enough to pay for the food and needs of the offspring to carry on his name.

Do Russian women like to be dominated? It depends. You should understand that their understanding of men’s power lies in the ability to deal with family problems, protect the relatives from the unreasonable aggression of the society, and help the kids grow up surrounded by the rational and helpful individuals. The only thing the Russian women still suffer from is the lack of male population caused by the tragic events of the beginning and the middle of the 20th century. They consider feminism and male domination the same things leading to a healthy society where all people respect each other and support regardless of gender.

Russian Women & Their Relationship Preferences

There’s no need to care about the gender roles in a relationship if you deal with a Russian woman in 2020. These ladies are not obsessed with the ideas of inequality and only want you to treat them with respect and understanding. If you manage to be a good and decent guy, you won’t need a gold stack to be the desired husband. A trustworthy man in the eyes of a Russian woman needs to be:

  • Disciplined;
  • Decisive;
  • Supportive;
  • Thoughtful;
  • Reasonable.

Being in line with these characteristics is the best ticket to a prominent future with a smart and dignified, beautiful Russian lady.

What Do Russian Girls Want from a Fulfilling Relationship?

  • Romance and simple, but beautiful courting gestures that should be regular even if you’re already married;
  • Respectful attitude to her existing kids and elderly family members (remember that the family is one of the greatest virtues for all Russians);
  • Lack of fear when it comes to challenging the responsibilities and urgent family affairs;
  • Tolerance to the hobbies and interests of the partner;
  • Getting on well with each other’s friends and relatives.

Women in Russia in 2020 Are Keen On Making Families

If you’re a traditional man from the west looking for a gorgeous and smart partner interested in building a strong family bond, a Russian woman will be a one-of-a-kind partner due to the following reasons:

  • A loved and respected Russian wife will be glad to serve you regular homemade meals and take care of all residents of your household;
  • The older generation of the Russians are traditional which never prevents them from taking care of their grandchildren – it’s normal for the Russian grandparents to spend much time talking and educating their grandkids when parents are busy or away;
  • She regards her partner as someone crucial for her life and the loves of her kids – she will always support you whatever happens because you’ve been her choice.

Single Russian women in 2020 treat male domination with respect. They just want men to demonstrate it through practical actions, reasonable behavior, and sincere attitude to the family members. They hate humiliation and are not ready to accept unreasonable aggression. If you have an explosive temper, you should at least be able to say you’re sorry after a quarrel caused by your own emotions. Respect your Russian wife as a gentle and beautiful woman, and as a caring mother for your kids. She will also never forget about your parents’ needs if you show respect and understanding for her mother and father and her elderly relatives. 

Patience & Protection Are Crucial When Dating a Russian Woman in 2020

Thousands of Russian women in 2020 suffer from similar problems:

  • Lack of men. As soon as the country went through the wars and revolutions in the beginning and the middle of the twentieth century, many men died, and the population of the Russian Federation nowadays suffers from an insufficient number of male residents.
  • Blinkered environment. The Russian Federation residents are prone to believing in numerous stereotypes created by their parents and grandparents. Many of them are against different religions, genders, sexual orientations, appearances, and more. Most men regard circumcision of boys as something evil without any specific reason. Be prepared for this while leading a conversation.
  • Gender problems. Inequality between men and women still exists though many Russian men will tell you that males and females are equal in rights. There are differences in professional restrictions (though it’s not the leading cause). Nevertheless, the greatest mistake of the Russian men is that they still consider Russian women typical housewives who can only stay at home cooking meals and dealing with the kids.

Dating Russian girls in 2020 implies that you are:

  • Patient. You have no right to insult her for her habits or criticize her for the lack of knowledge. Show that you care and help her get used to your world and social surrounding. Her background is different from yours, and it’s not her fault.
  • Protective. The lack of men means a lack of protection and masculine affection. Be a mentally strong and patient man who knows how to make reasonable decisions. 
  • Traditional. These women are fond of a conventional romantic relationship with flowers and champagne showers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re old or young, fit or plump, sexy, or shy. You should be able to create an atmosphere of calm and vibrant romance for her to enjoy. 

A real Russian lady will not ask you for the piles of gold and luxury presents – she will be charmed with a cozy date with a bottle of champagne somewhere in a beautiful place where no one can see you so that both of you could share your ideas concerning the future and mutual dreams. Be careful if a woman is ready for a one-night stand after a single conversation. She might be interested in your fortune if you have one. Don’t cut on meaningful conversations.

Dating Russian Women & Domination in 2020: Conclusion

Do Russian women like to be dominated? Yes. Is it about masculine power and total control? No. They are interested in dominating men with the following qualities:

  • Decisiveness. As soon as the Russian women are very emotional and overemotional at times, you should be ready to help your potential wife with the vital solutions when you become a family. The more helpful you are, the fewer secrets your wife will have. Be decisive ad show that you care. 
  • Psychological strength. You’ll have to be emotionally and psychologically potent to protect your partner and your kids from the environment’s aggression. 
  • Confidence concerning the plans. Everything starting with a regular party and finishing with the plans on real estate property should be discussed. You should make your Russian wife believe you can decide anything if she has no idea what to do.
  • Fidelity. It’s crucial. Your Russian wife will be faithful only if you are faithful. Are you merely flirting with a girl at the party? She will do this as well with a random guy next time. Do you demonstrate signs of attention to the other women? She will never hesitate to do the same if you don’t excuse yourself, at least. She will accept domination, but she will never forgive infidelity. 

You have to understand that regardless of whether a Russian woman likes to be dominated or not, she’s willing to be respected and treated like a companion. She wants to know all about your worries and help you as much as possible if there’s something you have to deal with as a family. Male domination in a Russian family means sharing the duties in the organizational ones and household duties evenly.

Bottom Line

Russian women are very patient, but their patience is not eternal. They won’t bear disrespect. They might be calm for your first burst-out, but they will never face it again if you turn out to be impatient without reason. If you can’t control your temper and be responsible for your words, a Russian woman is not for you. Regardless of modern values, Russian women are still partially traditional. They consider the kids their most exceptional value and do their best to protect them. If the husband is not ready to demonstrate support and share attention, he will be left behind. A single Russian woman in 2020 is not afraid of bringing up the kids on her own. Don’t forget about the emotional contact and the even share of responsibilities within a family bond.

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