Pretty Russian Girls: Their Best Qualities

Pretty Russian Girls: Reasons to Date Them

Innumerable rumours and misconceptions about the pretty Russian girls are spread around the world. Today, we’ll try to be as practical and reasonable as it’s possible to make you understand what makes them so appealing.

Looking back in time, it’s hard not to agree that Russia experienced numerous historical traumas. Over the years, the lives of Russian people have changed dramatically. The people have gone through many social and political changes. They’ve learnt how to be vulnerable and obedient.

Nevertheless, online communication, combined with access to a considerable amount of international informational resources made them interested in more fruitful relationships with cleverer and more open-minded men from the West.


Pretty Russian Girls: Reasons to Love Them

It’s almost impossible to make a universal characteristic of a certain gender belonging to a particular origin. However, some things make each of the nations a little bit different from the others. We are all human beings, and each of us is unique in his or her way. Nevertheless, our geographical location, traditions, and historical background make us united. It’s the same with pretty Russian girls.

  • They are very proud of their origin. However, they accept the flaws of their current cultural and political situation (you have no right to tell her that Russia is wrong in a lot of aspects – she’s a human being and not the population);
  • They respect the authority of a man able to be reasonable and stand his ground when it comes to the protection of his family;
  • They become flawless mothers of the household;
  • Russian mail orders search for the stability in the family – they are always ready to search for compromise together if the situation gets tense.

Make Sure You’re Ready

Yeah, Russian women are supportive. They will be able to support you publically even if you are wrong. They understand that a family couple, as well as a boyfriend and a girlfriend, make a solid unit, where each partner offers support. Be ready to:

  • Share your worries and suspicions with your Russian lady to make her understand you can be trusted;
  • Speak out about your plans and intentions – they hate it when your words differ from your real intentions;
  • Demonstrate your loyalty – support her and protect her in the company of your friends if the matters lead to sexist jokes and unkind remarks in her direction.

Pretty Russian Girls Are Adventurous

They are brave females always ready to demonstrate the following qualities that some men might find abnormal:

  • Sincerity and emotionality. They show off their emotions, and they think it’s normal for men and women to discuss their problems freely.
  • Responsibility. If they promise to do something for you, they’ll fulfil this aim. However, you’ll have to do the same in return. They hate it when a man does not have the power to stick to his promises.
  • Unconditional love. She will support you, no matter what. If she loves you, none of your relatives and friends will be able to persuade her you’re wrong. If you care about her, showing respect and loyalty, you will become her everything for her.

Russian Women for Marriage Will Make Your Life Better

Russian Women for Marriage: Best Websites to Find Them in 2019

Females of Slavic origin are trendy in Europe and the United States. The reason is that they are:

  • Patient. They know that hard times take time to deal with.
  • Loving and caring. That’s the reason why they become incredible mothers and daughters for their elderly parents.
  • Thoughtful and reliable. They support their partners in all spheres of their everyday life even if they’ve been through an argument recently. Their family is their shelter where every member deserves care and protection no matter what happens.
  • Persistent. Whatever they want to get, they get it, especially if it relates to kids or elderly family members.

Best Dating Websites to find Russian Women for Marriage in 2019

  • LadaDate. This matchmaking platform is active worldwide, offering a massive database of Eastern European ladies looking for partners in the western countries and the USA. You can use the website for free if you’re patient enough. However, many communication and interaction functions will be unavailable.
  •  One more international matchmaking platform with the preliminary amount of Slavic women. The websit’s popularity is stable thanks to the convenient functionality and precise matchmaking tools. The service is active for more than ten years, and its popularity is still growing.
  • UkraineDate The platform is relatively young. It is successfully active for about five years. This resource is stuffed with efficient interactive tools, articles, and reviews of satisfied users. One of the best features of the website is the prompt support of the online staff team. All problems and misunderstandings are resolved within seconds.

Decent Russian Women for Marriage Are Waiting Here

  • Anastasia Date. It’s one of the oldest matchmaking platform existing in the market. Get through five simple steps and receive your chance to find a thoughtful, beautiful, and faithful girl from the Russian Federation. Just confirm your country, fill in a bit of personal information, and create a new password to get access to the safe and highly efficient dating service.
  • LadaDate. Every Russian bride is in constant search of a loyal and understanding partner able to deal with her emotionality and controversial nature. LadaDate lets ladies register and search for partners basing on their religious, social, professional, and personal preferences. Online management tries hard to make sure all accounts are real, and users are safe to get in touch with.
  • Dream Marriage. The website can mostly be used free of charge. As well as the other online dating platforms, it has a paid membership offering numerous interaction options. The online support is high-end. The management of the platform is very sensitive about scammers. Feel free to use it without fear, because Dream Marriage offers impeccable reputation and top-notch matchmaking algorithms.

If you’re new to online dating, you should make sure the platform you’re planning to use is safe for your data. Google for the reviews of the dating website before you proceed with the registration because you are the first one to bear the responsibility for the leaks.


The Stories of Women Who Regretted Going to Marriage Agencies: Are They Real?

When women first think of going to a marriage agency, the primary feeling they get is excitement. They might wonder why they haven’t thought of doing it earlier and start dreaming about the possibility of a future with a foreign man who will respect and cherish them. However, these hopes are often dashed when women look for reviews and find those detailing what unfortunate or scary experiences some other women had. The ultimate question is, how trustworthy are these stories?

Three Simple Facts about Marriage Agencies

There are several facts that every woman should know before thinking to apply to a marriage agency:

  • There is no guarantee of success;
  • Bad relationships are still possible;
  • Unhappy marriages can still occur.

No Success

Many women are unhappy with the services of marriage agencies express their frustration by writing the reviews describing how despite being on the site for years, they haven’t met anyone. In the end, they are bitter because they have set high expectations and facing disappointment is more than painful.

Such experiences are true. Mostly financially successful men become the clients of marriage agencies, and naturally, the majority of them is over forty. It might seem too old for young girls who have kept waiting in vain. Sadly, no one can guarantee success here.


Bad relationships is another aspect that makes some women bitterly regret their choice. They might find themselves dating someone who’s exploiting them sexually, makes them feel inferior, or even worse, is openly physically abusive.

Unfortunately, there is truth in such experiences, but it has little to do with marriage agencies. There are different people and it’s impossible to know if they’re safe until you spend time with them. Marriage agencies can’t guarantee that you’ll meet a considerate and kind man, just like traditional dating can’t do it. The only way to avoid dangerous situations is staying rational, not blinded by the chance to move abroad. If you see that something’s off with your potential partner, leave right away. Better be safe than regret your choice.

Unhappy Marriages

The most horrifying stories feature women who have actually got married through the agencies and found themselves trapped in abusive marriage and/or sex slavery. Their charming partner has transformed into a monster who beat them, abused them sexually, made them into maids or sex slaves. In the end, such women have to run to save their lives.

Such thing is also possible. Some foreigners think that women from poor countries will consent to have no rights and say nothing about abuse. Again, though, it doesn’t mean that the marriage agency is a scam or worse, a participant of the human trafficking ring. It means that some women were unlucky. It can happen to everyone, not only those who use marriage agencies.

So, while stories of regret of women who used marriage agencies services are mostly true, it doesn’t mean that the agencies are to blame, definitely not in the majority of cases. Life happens. People lie to each other, and so all of us should do our best to be careful.