Why Marriage Agencies Are More Effective Than Dating Sites

In bygone days, our grandparents and all the generations before them used public places or mutual connections to find their potential spouses. In the digital age, with the hectic pace of life and career obsession, we can rarely find sufficient time for old-school dating. Men and women use smartphone dating apps, connecting them with millions of other users.

However, is it the real key to meaningful interactions, and, most importantly, building happy families? Matchmakers still exist, having reinvented themselves in order to render their services online.   Why is a marriage agency still better than a dating app?

The Drawbacks Of Online Dating Apps

Dating apps and websites connect millions of people, offering a seemingly endless choice. However, they are also infiltrated by scammers, spammers, and people looking for one-night stands. There is no guarantee that the person you contact is actually looking for something bigger than a fling. Unless this comes up before the first date, a disastrous evening is guaranteed.

Married people cheat on their spouses using dating apps, and many users merely pretend to be in search of a serious relationship. Such experiences breed painful distrust. The second major drawback is the psychological effect of swiping. Our society is obsessed with appearance to the point where we casually dismiss a candidate based on a single picture. On the other hand, photos that attract us may be airbrushed, and if we bother to study the profile information, it may also be misleading, causing us to develop expectations that are unmet.

Of course, everyone wants to make themselves appear attractive, but it gets tiring when you catch so many people in a lie. Imagine going on a date just to discover that someone looks nothing like their profile photo. Even if there are matching criteria based on a questionnaire, you can never check the accuracy of someone’s answers. This is especially disappointing when such services are paid for.

Why Marriage Agencies Are Simply Better

When you pay to a marriage agency, you are more likely to get your money’s worth. First of all, as the name suggests, they are marriage-oriented, catering to people seeking lasting relationships, which also determines a more serious approach to matchmaking. An agency will ask you to answer a series of questions to determine your psychological profile and priorities. The typical procedure includes:

  • filling out a questionnaire(s);
  • reviewing provided matches;
  • contact by email;
  • contact by phone;
  • face-to-face meeting.

As the candidates also pay for the service, they are likely to treat the search seriously. People are matched based on psychological traits, tastes, values, religion, etc. Although some users stretch the truth, the screening is more reliable. Overall, it is your best bet if you want to find a true soulmate willing to start a family.

Five Rules for Perfect Photos for a Marriage Agency

First impressions do matter, especially when you search for true love remotely. The picture on your profile is the first thing that will catch a person’s attention. No matter how attractive the text will be, a badly taken photo may prevent your true second half from focusing on you. Looking for a serious relationship is a demanding task. It is crucial to make your picture suitable for the purpose of finding a decent wife. So what does a profile-friendly photo look like? There are five things to bear in mind.

 1. Size and quality

The first thing to remember is that nowadays a woman is more likely to view your pictures on the small screen of her smartphone. Therefore, your photos have to look good on her device. It is recommended to make your main picture a close-up headshot. For example, a photo with a tiny you next to some monument is hardly the best choice for the very first impression. Most importantly, choose quality over quantity. Even if you have a dozen perfect pictures, one inappropriate bathroom shot may be a deterrent.

2. Photos Should Spark Conversations

It is a good idea to upload at least four pictures, each serving a different purpose and showing different facets of your personality. An image of you engaged in some exciting activity, such as sailing or horse-riding, will not only grab attention but will provide a topic for dialogue. Such photos break the ice and help both of you keep the conversation going. Besides, if these are full-length images, they are perfect to show what your body looks like.

 3. Honesty

Stay away from overly flattering images or old pictures because they mislead the viewer. Unmet expectations may be a deal-breaker. Naturally, you might worry that fewer women will contact you, but when looking for a lasting relationship, honesty is important. If people look for marriage, they might be less obsessed with a picture of perfect bodies. After all, it is the partner’s personality that determines mutual understanding which is key to a happy family.

 4. Hire a professional

If you are ready to invest a little money to create a sleek profile photo, it is worth getting some pictures taken professionally. A growing number of people are using such photos in their dating profiles, which helps men project a more serious business-like image. It is important to remember that women are usually less excited about men’s amateur selfies than men are about theirs.

5. Think about your target

Finally, ask yourself who you are trying to attract, and what this kind of woman would appreciate. When looking for a serious relationship, it is important to project qualities that women value in a potential husband, so drunk party selfies are hardly an option. Project an image of someone mature enough to start a family, show the different positive sides of you, and be honest. This is the best policy when searching for true love that will last a lifetime.

Making Money On Loneliness: Exposing Myths About Marriage Agencies

Today, despite the rise of dating apps, marriage agencies are still popular, helping millions of people around the world. However, there are persistent misconceptions about their matchmaking services. Here are four main stereotypes that are nothing more than myths.

Myth 1. A Marriage Agency Will Find Me A Spouse

In reality, no agency is obliged to do so. It is an intermediary connecting you to thousands of other people who are just as eager to start a family, but human chemistry is unpredictable. People working for marriage agencies are matchmakers, their duty is to provide you with the best possible matches based on psychological compatibility and an array of other criteria. However, it is up to you to go beyond the first date and build a serious relationship with the offered candidate or move on to the next one.

Love is an irrational feeling, and the matchmakers’ efforts are only meant to increase your chances of finding it. And, of course, you cannot sue the intermediary in the unfortunate case when a person you like rejects you. Today, when career pursuits and tight schedules isolate us from each other, it is inconceivable to connect to so many compatible people in real life without some assistance – that’s what marriage agencies are for.

Myth 2. Only Desperate And Miserable People Resort To Marriage Agencies

The demand for matchmaking services is based on the hectic pace of modern life when busy people simply have no spare time to look for a soulmate. Around the world, famous marriage agencies render their services to successful businessmen and even celebrities. It is a well-known fact that many foreigners use marriage agencies in their search for Russian women who become caring mothers and perfect housewives.

Myth 3. Marriage Agencies Only Care About Money

Of course, like any business, matchmaking must be profitable in order for the agency to survive. This causes unscrupulous matchmakers to exploit their clients’ desperation, setting exorbitant rates for every single detail, like a contact’s phone number. As a rule, agencies offer various types of membership status, with VIP costing the most. Reliable matchmaking simply cannot be free. However, what is important to understand here is that prior to concluding any agreements, it is best to check the agency’s reputation and read client feedback that is openly available online.

Myth 4. If I cannot find a soulmate myself, an agency will not help me

First of all, an agency makes it easy to arrange first dates, as it connects you to people who are willing to start a family and match your psychological profile. Moreover, a matchmaker may point out the traits and interests that you share, which makes communication easier. When you chat up a random stranger in a bar, you need time to understand whether you have anything in common at all! Some marriage agencies even provide conversation-making advice to those anxious about face-to-face interaction.